The band started in april 1994 and from the beginning it was clear: The BXBluesband had the blues! It was a flying start: six months after their first gig the band received a call that they had won... (they didn't even know they were in a contest…).

From that moment on it went fast: leaving dozens of popgroups behind, a Bluesband reached the finals of the Grote Prijs van Nederland.

The BXBluesband began to play Holland: from Terschelling to Tilburg and IJmuiden to Enschede. About 30 times a year the BXBluesband gigs in cafés and clubs like the Duke (Leiden), Bourbonstreet (Amsterdam), Crossroads (Zaandam), and the Bluescafe in Apeldoorn. Also well-known festivals like Jazz in Duketown ('s Hertogenbosch), Oerol (Terschelling), Bluesroute (Utrecht), and het Dak (Leerdam) appear on their giglist.The BX also performed in France and Austria. And, of course, several private parties, but also a single wedding or funeral……

The BXBluesband has about four hours of repertoire containing traditional en modern blues. With a lot of improvisation and variation the songs switch from well known to the more obscure. A heavy whiskey-voice, a crying, melancholical sax, heavy and fast guitar combined with a steady rythmsection will give you some hours which you won't forget.......

From the Press:

“… a bunch of lunatics that play your brains out…”

“… one of a kind jazzy blues…”

“… in the meantime the BXBluesband heats the audience, a simple task, you can leave it to them…”

From the audience:

“… I only like classical music, but haven't had so much fun in 10 years…”

“… finally a band which can play…”

“… whenever you play in Sweden, call me and I’ll be there...””

“... Do you guys do weddings?....Fine, Now I'm going to find me a bride…”

The BXBluesband :

Henjo Hekman, voice and guitar

Mans Minekus, lead guitar

Sebastiaan Scholten, bass

Rob Puijk, drums (click for bio & drums)

• Wouter Weiss, saxes

Info: +31 06 143 740 21 (Sebastiaan)

e-mail: info@bxbluesband.nl

site: www.bxbluesband.nl